Out of the rut?

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For two months I have been primarily dealing with flood issues, and trying to think of a new approach to the issues of creating the Complete Community Connection.  In that time, I have also given several presentations on ICMF.

While making those presentations, I realized that I was stuck in the rut of starting my thoughts with a current view of a media company, describing what is done today, and trying to describe changes to that existing system.

What if we start with a blank sheet of paper?  How can we really see that blank sheet?

Jay Rosen reminded all of us in traditional media how hard it is for us to change:

I don’t think we realize how deeply one-to-many thinking sinks into selves of media people. Switching platforms doesn’t get it “out.”

So it is not just the “packaged” products that we are currently stuck with, and trying to get out of that box with ICMF, we have to break our “one to many” selves.  How do we do that?

Well, our Content Ninja gave me a great start with a video from Kevin Kelly .  For those of you who can’t stand 20 minutes of linear video, he makes several points, among many more, relating to our C3 effort:

  • The web has moved from linking computers to linking pages to linking concepts and words.  I don’t think he uses “atomic content” or “metatags”, but calls this new web by both 3.0 and semantic.
  • The web is one machine, with no downtime.
  • In order to make the web work well, we have to speak to it, so very limited privacy is the new norm.
  • Media is all one, and the laws of media apply.
  • Copies have no value.
  • Value comes from immediacy, authentication and personalization.
  • Each of us needs to be free to reformat the snippets of content

After watching that video, or reflecting on these concepts, how do we continue creating a way for each us to develop our individually defined “community connected” windows into the one semantic web?


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2 responses to “Out of the rut?

  1. Intriguing video. It’s exciting to see the path unfold! We’ll need a transparent system that is EASY to use. Most people won’t take time if it’s perceived as a CHALLENGE. A system we build, buy or borrow that allows me the user to quickly connect to others — check out my interests & get questions answered.

  2. It comes down to tapping into the individual on a personal basis. Blogs, I think, are a decent existent example. A blog is typically very individual though, if there is enough exposure, it can draw in many more people also in a “limited” circle who share the interest. Building the audience takes time, but it is certainly possible.

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