New Name – New Outlook

Coming back with a new name. For those who have been following Local Information Utility, the name was chosen because it had been used by American Press Institute, and the last thing we needed was another name, or acronym (LIU). As soon as I put it up, I was subject to comments that LIU was not compelling, and did not accurately describe what I was trying to figure out how to create.

Steve Buttry , formerly with API, is a wealth of information, and worth following on Twitter.  I am getting to spend more time with him since he started as the Editor of The Gazette one day before the Great Flood of 2008. He proposed C3 – Complete Community Connection. I like it a lot better than LIU.

Local implies geography, and Community can be organized around geography, affinity or interest. Information is not as meaningful as Connection, as Connection is interactive, in context. Utility is one of those things we have to deal with, for commodities, but Complete tells us that we can get exactly what WE want.

I stopped blogging on May 11 because I was trying to positively explain why this concept is so hard to execute in existing media companies. Right when I was poised to deliver on that, we were flooded out.

More on the execution in the next blog.

What do you think of C3?

Cedar Rapids Downtown at the flood crest, June 13, 2008

Cedar Rapids Downtown at the flood crest, June 13, 2008


2 responses to “New Name – New Outlook

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