Many views give whole picture

2 weeks vacationImage by shoot it! via Flickr

This video from the TED conference has been on my mind since I first saw it this week, after being prompted by Wediaup. While it is showing some exciting photo software, it also acts as a metaphor for what we are trying to accomplish with the Local Information Utility – provide many points of view to give a more complete picture of any of the multiple communities within our service area. His ability to create such a complete image of Notre Dame Cathedral with just the simple Notre Dame tags from Flickr should give us hope as we create the LIU.


One response to “Many views give whole picture

  1. Chuck — here’s a quote from Nick Booth, OJBlog, that seems to be to be of priority. IMHO, we should keep this out front in all our thinking of innovation, etc., because whether it’s “traditional” news or information, it’s still the key:
    “If there’s a story on the election in every paper, what can you do to bring in visitors? If every paper carries a match report, what makes yours distinctive? In a world of infinite information, where’s your ‘wow’ factor to get people talking?”

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